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So it may not be tomato season just yet, but I could not resist using them when I saw a recipe in The New Brooklyn Cookbook Adam gifted me as a souvenir of our time there. This book is fantastic…it highlights all the restaurants that helped put Brooklyn on the foodie map. So many of our favorites are featured with recipes of some of their house specialties….from the rabbit at Al Di La to the fried goat cheese salad at Rosewater…the memories of delicious dishes brings tears to my eyes!

And after using Ici’s dish as an inspiration, I will now have to visit this Fort Greene restaurant on my next visit to Brooklyn. The next time you are in a tizzy wondering what on earth you are going to make for your vegetarian dinner guests, try this recipe and prepare to wow even the biggest carnivores in your group. It’s the perfect way to showcase all of spring and summers fantastic vegetables!

Pan Fried Tomatoes topped with Goat Cheese and Lima Bean Succotash (Adapted from The New Brooklyn Cookbook)

3 eggs

1/4 cup skim milk

1 cup whole wheat flour

2 cups panko bread crumbs

3 large tomatoes, sliced about 1/2 inch thick

1/4 cup fresh basil plus 1 tbsp chopped basil

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp butter

kernels from 3 ears of fresh corn

1 cup frozen lima beans, microwaved according to package instructions

1/2 large red onion, diced

1 red pepper, diced

1/4 cup goat cheese mixed with 1 – 2 tbsp buttermilk until spreadable

salt and pepper

Beat the eggs and milk in a bowl and place the flour and panko in two separate bowls. Dip each tomato slice in the flour, then egg, and then panko and set aside until ready to cook

In a food processor or small blender, mix 1/4 cup basil leaves with the 1 tbsp olive oil and puree. Set aside

Heat two tbsp olive oil in a large frying pan and pan-fry the tomatoes in batches until golden brown on both sides. Season with salt and pepper. Keep warm in an oven at about 250 degrees.

Heat the butter in the pan over medium-high heat until bubbly. Add the corn, lima beans, onion, and bell pepper and saute until the corn is cooked, about 5 minutes. Stir in the chopped basil and salt and pepper.

Spread the goat cheese mixture on the tomato slices. Spread a spoonful of the basil puree onto each plate (serves about 4 people) and spoon the succotash on top. Then lay three slices of fried tomatoes on each plate.


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So here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! My thoughts on who has the best pizza, pasta, Mexican food and more in all of New York! Some things to note: I had many amazing meals and dishes that are not mentioned here. These are just some that really stood out to me…not to say I didn’t enjoy many many more! I also didn’t cover “the best of” every possible food category because that would just take way too long…both to write and read! And of course, I was not able to get to even half of the restaurants on my very VERY long list. This may shock some of you with the plethora of restaurant related posts on this blog. But trust me, there are just so many good restaurants here…it’s kind of overwhelming (and very stressful!) But I did what I could, and without further adieu and in no particular order…

The Best Appetizer: Sheep’s Milk Ricotta with truffle honey butter and burnt orange toast from Locanda Verde (review)

The Best Brunch: Cookshop (review #1 #2 #3)

So I think the fact that I went back to this place three times speaks to how good it is. From the ideal location right next to The Highline, to the wonderful and homey atmosphere, to the absolutely delicious food! Let’s look back at some of my favorites, shall we?

Scrambled eggs with creme fraiche, smoked salmon, caramelized onion, served on homemade biscuit and watercress salad

Pastry board: chocolate chip scone, sweet potato bread, apple muffin, pecan sticky bun, blueberry jam and butter

Poached egg popover: poached egg, popover, leek and cheddar fondue

The Best Mexican: Barrio Chino (review #1 #2)

I originally fell in love with their strong margaritas and fish tacos. A return visit showed me that their enchiladas were truly top notch.

achiote and citrus rubbed tilapia served with avocado salsa and pickled onions

Enchiladas Verdes: green enchiladas stuffed with zucchini and mushrooms and melted oaxacan cheese served with black beans topped with queso fresco

The Best Vegetarian: Pure Food and Wine (review)

This is definitely a special occasion vegetarian restaurant but truly delicious! Even for the non-vegetarians among you!

Chocolate mint sundae with thin mint cookies, chocolate ice cream, mint ice cream, and whipped cream and chocolate sauce…never knew a vegan raw sundae could taste so good!

Zucchini and local heirloom tomato lasagna with basil pistachio pesto, sun-dried tomato marinara, and macadamia pumpkin seed ricotta

The Best Dessert: The salted caramel sundae from ABC Kitchen (review)

I know what you’re all thinking…yes, I do love me some Big Gay and Ample Hill, but those are in a category all to themselves. This is the best plated restaurant dessert…come on, totally different!

Sundae: salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts, popcorn, whipped cream, chocolate sauce

The Best Sandwich: The scuttlebuck from Saltie (review)

Homemade foccacia bread with pickled veg, hard boiled egg, greens, feta, house-made aioli, olives, and capers

The Best Salad: The kale salad from Northern Spy (review)

Kale salad with cheddar, delica squash, almonds and pecorino (the potato gnocchi on the right were excellent too!)

The Best Meatball: Piccolo Angelo (review)

Meatballs the size of my head! In a marinara sauce

Honorable Mention: Chicken meatballs from The Meatball Shop (review #1, #2)

Chicken meatballs in tomato sauce topped with grated parm and foccacia bead

The Best Pasta: House made linguine with spring fava beans, garlic, tomato, and toasted breadcrumbs from Frankies Spuntino (review)

House-made linguine with spring fava beans, garlic, tomato, and toasted breadcrumbs

The Best Pizza: The stracciatella and spinach pizza from Co (review), the margarita from Keste (review), the overall experience and uniqueness from Pauli Gee’s, (review #1, #2) and the bee sting from Roberta’s (review)

So I know it may not be proper to name FOUR places as “the best pizza,” but I think pizza is a very complex dish and there are many different kinds. When craving the traditional margarita, none is better than Keste. For your white pizza, head to Co. For the ultimate pizza parlor experience and very unique pies, travel to Greenpoint to see and meet Paulie Gee himself. And for fantastic sweet sauce mixed with spicy sausage and sweet honey, Roberta’s is truly top notch. All the crusts were fantastic, the sauces well seasoned, and the pies perfectly charred.

Stracciatella: crushed tomato, stracciatella, arugula, black pepper from Co

Regina Margherita: tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, grape tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil from Keste

Grapeful dead: Baby spinach, olive oil, mild gouda, shaved parmigiano reggiano, and pickled red grape halves from Paulie Gee’s

Three pies from Roberta’s: From right to left: the margarita, the bee sting (spicy salami, hot honey) and seasonal (kale, parm, fontina, lemon garlic oil)

The Best Asian Food: Talde (review)

Yes, I realize this is quite a broad category. But, Talde really wins for me for it’s perfectly cooked and flavored whole fish and it’s wacky over the top cereal bowl dessert.

Whole market fish: banana leaf roasted topped with tumeric-tomato chutney

The Best Burger: The lamb burger from The Breslin (review)

Chargrilled lamb burger with feta, cumin mayo, and thrice cooked chips

Best Ice Cream: Anything from Ample Hills (review)

Seriously…any of their hand crafted, small batch ice cream is absolutely delicious. And they make EVERYTHING in house…from the butter cake in the ooey gooey to the oatmeal cookie dough in Nona D’s oatmeal cookie. I have yet to find a place EVER to match these cups and cones.

Nona D’s Oatmeal cookie on the left and pumpkin with graham crackers and marshmallow on the right

Honorable Mention: The salty pimp from Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (review #….too many to count!)

This sweet and salty cone should really be in a category of its own. In fact, the whole shop should be! From it’s eclectic decor, to boisterous servers, to a menu filled with names like Bea Arthur (which is also delicious btw) and Affo-“gay”-to, how can you  not fall in love with it?

The Salty Pimp: I think you’ve seen this maybe one or two times here before! Caramel line ice cream cone with sea salt and chocolate

The Best Overall Dining Experience: ABC Kitchen (review)

This award  is based not only on the food, but the whole package…service, atmosphere, and the all-round feel of the place really makes a difference to me. ABC kitchen was a stunning restaurant with fantastic service, beautiful food, and obviously, so delicious!

Line caught tuna sashimi marinated with ginger and mint

Roasted beets with homemade yogurt and balsamic

Honorable Mentions: Traif (review) and Degustation (review) and Allswell (review)

Traif’s unique combinations and flavors really blew me away. The 5 course tasting menu at Degustation was so impressive…if they only had better service, I think this could have been a winner! The fact that I am STILL thinking about the pork from Allswell is definitely worth noting. Also worth noting is I visited all three honorable mention-worthy restaurants with the same friend…I think she may be just as food obsessed as myself!

Crispy pork belly, caulilflower, peperoncini, romesco, parsley-garlic from Traif

Third course: seared trout with chard leaves on a bed of corn, farro, and pea succatash with chorizo oil from Degustation

Roasted pork with aioli, anchovies, capers, and homemade olive bread from Allswell

I think that I could have really gone on and on…I will never forget the arepas from Caracas or the tofu from Gwynett St. or the octopus from Kefi…but I had to cut it off somewhere! I hope I have helped you sort out where to eat in a place where you will never EVER run out of restaurant options. I have already had some fantastic Toronto restaurant experiences and have many home-cooked meals to share with you. So please, STAY TUNED!

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Yes, it’s true, the final week of NYC restaurant reviews has arrived. Don’t fret…I may have some special meals in my back pocket, you know, saving them for a rainy day! But I am looking forward to getting back to sharing some fantastic recipes with you and some more delicious meals here in Toronto (as in the restaurant I just visited last night!) So GET PUMPED!

Photo from Zagat

Our first of the last dinners brought Adam and I to Pok Pok in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I have to say, since honeymooning in Thailand last April, we haven’t been able to find any Thai food that felt truly authentic. Well, once we stepped into Pok Pok, that all changed. Pok Pok’s interior really made us feel like we were back at one of those family run restaurants on the side roads in Chiang Mai. And the amazing back patio, where they have a grill and beer slushie, was also fantastic. Again, twitter friend to the rescue, I discovered my new favorite cocktails.

The Stone Fence: Applejack, Som apple drinking vinegar, draft cider, and bitters. AKA my new favorite cocktail in NYC!

Pok Pok makes these “drinking vinegars…” may sound weird but trust me, just order a drink with it and prepare to have your mind blown! The rest of the food was simply amazing and the serious heat coming off the papaya salad brought us right back to our Thailand honeymoon.

Het Paa Naam Tok: Spicy forrest mushroom salad with soy sauce, lime, and chili powder dressing, shallots, mint, cilantro, and rice powder

Cha Cha “La Vong:” Vietnamese catfish marinated in tumeric and sour sticky rice and fried in tumeric oil with scallions and dill. Served on rice vermicelli. You smelled this from across the room! This was my fave dish of the night!

Papaya Pok Pok with sticky rice: spicy green papaya salad

Our last dinner, just the two of us, took us back to the restaurant where we had our first dinner in Brooklyn way back in May, 2011. Al Di La in Park Slope has such a cozy vibe, and as we settled into our booth, we felt like we had just moved to Brooklyn again. Famous for their homemade pasta and rabbit dishes…you can guess what we went for!

Red beet and ricotta ravioli with melted butter, parm, and poppy seeds

Braised rabbit with black olives and polenta. Basically tasted like a richer chicken but that polenta…so creamy!

Homemade tortelloni with mascarpone and artichokes

On our first visit, the table next to us ordered their ricotta doughnuts for dessert and the smell alone made us order our own batch. This visit was no exception and they were just as delicious as the first time!

Ricotta doughnuts with melted chocolate and whipped cream for dipping

My parents arrived for the weekend to help us move and drive all of our stuff home. Don’t worry, in between lots of packing, I made sure we had time to hit up two more restaurants. Juventino is a Mexican inspired fusion restaurant in Park Slope. A beautiful rustic interior, the service and food was truly top-notch.

Bread plate. Served with roasted garlic, goat cheese, and honey butter with sage

Mushroom soup with truffle oil and crisp egg. This was the my favorite. The egg was soft boiled, breaded, and fried and sitting on a bed of delicious tomato sauce. So unique!

Seared scallops with corn puree, glazed carrots, asparagus, and cherry tomatoes. This corn puree tasted like pure roasted corn. So good!

Seared cod with tomato rice, citrus beurre blanc and caviar

Roasted free range chicken with sous vide breast, roasted vegetables, pickled carrots, and white truffle honey

The owner noticed that we had been waiting a very VERY long time for our entrees (re: over an hour). He wasted no time in coming over and was so apologetic, he comped the entire meal. We were all kind of shocked but he was insistent that our whole meal (we were a table of 6 who all ordered apps and mains) was on the house. I was blown away…the food was delicious and beautiful and service like that, really just can’t be beat.

The final meal also showed how good the customer service can be in some of New York’s restaurants. Aquagrill in Soho seemed to be the perfect spot for a fish loving family.

Complimentary tuna tartare on potato chip

Onion foccacia, jalapeno corn bread, ciabatta

With little touches, like complimentary tuna tartare and fantastic bread service, we were off to a good start. The waitress was extremely helpful in helping us all choose our orders and the smells coming from other people’s tables made our mouths water!

Grilled striped bass with parmesan gnocchi, maitake mushrooms, and mushroom gravy

Caramelized mango tart with mascarpone cheese and macadamia ice cream. Surprisingly very bland.

Adam, has you may have noticed from his love of Kraft dinner and really, anything I make, is not a picky eater. So when he commented about how his fish tasted “off,” I knew something must be wrong. The manager immediately came over, apologized profusely, took his entrée off the bill and gave us a free dessert. Might not have been the best dessert, but it was a very nice touch.

Miso glazed sea bass with Korean kimchi, twice cooked string beans, and a wasabi miso sauce

My fish however, was perfectly cooked and I literally licked that plate clean (okay, so maybe not licked but mopped it up with the delicious onion foccacia).

So how’s that for a final week of eating? Not bad, if I do say so myself! Next up, what you’ve all been waiting for, my “best of” New York list. So stay tuned!

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Applewood is situated on a small street off 7th avenue in Park Slope. You actually wouldn’t even notice it from the main street if you were on a little stroll. But once you walk in, you can’t help but be taken a back by its very charming atmosphere and farmhouse feel. Which is very fitting as Applewood focuses on seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine. My friend and I planned a “date” night to have a nice dinner together before I left and headed north to Toronto. And it also happened she had her wedding at this restaurant…which I could definitely picture with all the candles and cozy setting.

Three spreads: lentils cooked in duck fat, soft and salted butter, spinach cream cheese

Spreads and breads were given to start. The bread was freshly made in-house (sorry no photo-but just imagine a two large pieces of white and whole wheat bread with crispy crusts and soft interiors). The lentils were definitely my favorite and I proceeded to eat them also as a side dish with a fork. Can anything cooked in duck fat every be bad?

Sautéed ramps topped with a fried egg and dill aioli

Squid salad with rhubarb and sunflower shoots

Lemon risotto with parsnips and watercress

Pan seared hake with sweet potatoes, arugula, and lemon fondue

As the blog title states, the fish was delicious. Perfectly cooked, flaky, and buttery and that lemon cream sauce was simply divine. Both apps were also a hit but I have to say, my friends lemon risotto was really just not good. The rice was cooked well but there was no flavor at all. Not just under-seasoned, but really no seasoning — quite disappointing. Overall, I really enjoyed the meal at Applewood and have heard really great things…maybe it was an off night for the risotto chef?

I know I said I was trying to get all my restaurant reviews out to you, but I simply HAD to share this chicken dish with you as I think it is perfect for a light summer meal. This recipe for chicken marinated in a fresh lime mixture and served over marinated red onions and a cilantro infused black bean sauce is a great way to jazz up that boring boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Baked Lime Chicken with Black Bean Sauce (Adapted from Simply Recipes)

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

4 limes, juiced

1 tbsp olive oil

1/4 cup chopped cilantro

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp salt

1 red onion, sliced thin

Black Bean Sauce

1 can black beans, drained and rinsed

1 quart water

2 bay leaves

stems from one bunch of cilantro, chopped

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp coriander

salt and pepper to taste

Combine lime juice, olive oil, cilantro, oregano, salt and pepper and place in a bowl with chicken. Let marinade for at least 2 hours in the fridge.

Place beans and remaining ingredients in a sauce pan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 1 hour or so until reduced and nice and thick. Remove bay leaves and puree with hand blender. Place onions in a baking dish and place chicken and marinade on top. Bake in 400 degree oven, covered with aluminum foil for about 20 minutes. Remove foil and broil for about 5 minutes until top is browned and chicken is completely cooked through. Serve chicken on top of black beans and onions.

Really delicious served with some guacamole and tortilla chips, and of course, a margarita on the side is always a nice touch!

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You may have noticed the lack of recipe posting in the latest posts. Well, that is because I am doing my darndest to eat my way through NYC…literally. We just did a walking food tour of the LES through The Big Onion (highly recommend) and we enjoyed eating our way through Red Hook during The Red Hook Immersion put on by Brooklyn Based. So you will have to bear with me…I do have many a tasty recipe to share with you but I feel like I need to first get through all the restaurants I’ve been visiting. This is all for you of course, to help you choose where on earth you should eat in a city FILLED with so many delicious food options. So let’s get back to business.

I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine for a wonderful rainy run around lower Manhattan. With constant chatter, the miles flew by and we actually didn’t even mind the rain that much. We also had brunch with Annie at Prune to look forward to, so the promise of their famous bloody mary’s and delicious brunch dishes also helped! Gabrielle Hamilton is the chef/owner of Prune and author of the best-selling novel Blood Bones & Butter, which chronicles her journey as a chef. After dining at Prune, I have now placed this book on my must read list.

Two classic bloody mary’s and a champagne with pear brandy

A 10am post run brunch is the perfect time for some booze, no? We had to try Prune’s famous bloody’s and I am so glad we did! Served with a shot glass of beer, they are fresh, spicy, briney and delicious. Katherine opted for the prune brandy champagne, also a nice way to start a Saturday morning! We ordered three different dishes to maximize our abilities to taste Prunes menu.

Dutch style pancake: One large pancake cooked in the oven with blueberries and sour cream. Served with Canadian bacon

Toasted caraway seed and sour cream omelette with a side of smoked salmon and potato rosti. Already cut and waiting to be shared. Yes, that is sour cream oozing out of the perfectly yellow omelette

Spicy stewed chickpeas: buttered crumbled eggs with spicy stewed chickpeas, preserved lemon, and warm flatbread

I think Katherine said it best, “it was less of a pancake, but more of a cake made in a pan.” But this cake, oh so good! Crispy outside and soft inside and so thick and dense. The omelette was perfectly fluffy and the sour cream and caraway was a surprisingly delicious combination. I wish I had time to try dinner at Prune, but alas, I definitely can not return to a restaurant as my last days in NY wind down. So it was on to a different type of boozy meal with dinner at Gwynnett St. in Williamsburg. Gwynnett St serves up modern American cuisine from a chef who used to work at WD-50, so think molecular gastronomy-esque.

Whiskey bread with cultured butter

This is a MUST ORDER at Gwynnett and where the boozy part of the meal comes in. Less like bread and more similar to a biscuit, the loaf of bread was warm and tender and left an aftertaste of whiskey that left you thinking and pondering that interesting flavor you don’t normally expect to taste in a loaf of bread. We decided to share a starter, two mains, and a dessert. Everything was plated very creatively and beautifully and we noticed the chef has a thing for only using half of a plate (you’ll see what I mean).

Spinach and chard, rhubarb and goat cheese. And no, we did not eat half the salad. This is the “plating on half of the plate” I was talking about

Sunflower tofu, artichokes, chicory, and moth beans

Sea scallops, fava beans, almonds, and stinging nettles

I love when a dish surprises you, and these dishes all did that. The menu reads more like a list of ingredients, with no hint as to how the dish is prepared or how the ingredients will be used. The most surprising was the tofu…made mostly of sunflower seeds it had a very creamy inside and crispy outside and was just, well, surprisingly delicious! However, the one bite I keep thinking about is dessert, where again, the menu did not give any hints as to what we could expect.

Coconut, malt, barley, pomegranate

So what was this exactly? A creamy and light coconut panna cotta with some sort of crunchy barley topping, coconut “snow” and pomegranate. To be honest, I’m still not exactly sure what I was eating but all I know was it was surprising and delicious. Nothing bad about that!

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I am a HUGE Top Chef fan! It’s also a show that Adam and I enjoy watching together…and since he’s not a Gossip Girl fan, having another show we can watch together is a definite plus! So, when Dale Talde of Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars fame opened Talde, a new Asian-fusion restaurant in Park Slope, to rave reviews, I knew I had to check it out. Caitlin, a fellow top chef fan and Brooklyn blogger and I met there one weeknight, and after hearing stories of hour-long waits, I was very happy to be seated right away. Everything on the menu sounded incredible and we had a very hard time deciding. This may have also been due to the fact that Dale was standing in the kitchen window, so close we could almost touch him! But don’t worry…we held it together and with help from our waitress, ordered a most delicious assortment of their family style dishes.

Hawaiian bread buns: crispy long island fluke and market vegetables topped with garlic vinegar mayo and pickled shallots

Octopus a la plancha with a delicious spicy mayo based sauce

Whole market fish: banana leaf roasted topped with tumeric-tomato chutney

The fish was served with some sort of rice paper/crepe like wrapper to make your own wraps filled with succulent fish.  Such a fun main course!

Sugar snap peas stir-fried with green sambal sauce

Halo Halo (or a cereal bowl on gone crazy!) Shaved ice topped with coconut, coconut milk, mango, banana, captain crunch, tapioca balls

I think the fact that Caitlin and I are STILL thinking about that fish should tell you just how good, how moist, and how flavorful it was. The Hawaiian bread buns with perfectly squishy bread sandwiching some delicious fillings were just fantastic. And all the sauces Dale does…from the spicy sauce on the octopus to the green and vibrant sauce on the simple snap peas…they are all perfectly balanced and compliment the dishes so well. And just look at that beautiful, very weird but oddly tasty dessert. All the different textures and flavors made us keep dipping our spoons in for more, despite being stuffed to the brim!

From a Top Chef competitor to a Top Chef head judge, Tom Collicio’s Craftbar was the spot of my and Adam’s latest date night. Having wanted to try one of his restaurants for a long time, I was very much looking forward to sampling what Craftbar had to offer. Let me tell you…this restaurant is a like a perfectly oiled, well run machine. I guess I should expect no less from Mr. Collicio. Our water glasses were never empty, the servers were knowledgable, the food arrived perfectly cooked and perfectly timed, and cutlery was replaced before we realized it was gone.

Pecorino arancini with spicy tomato sauce

Lamb tortelloni with Greek yogurt and fennel and eggplant ragout

Sheeps milk ricotta ravioli with spring vegetables, meyer lemon, and aged pecorino

Broccoli rabe with garlic, red pepper flakes, and lemon confit

Banana tart topped with meringue and pecan praline ice cream

All of our food was perfectly cooked and seasoned and well, just very good. Nothing was outstanding or mind-blowing but just very good solid food with great service in a great atmosphere. The lamb in my tortelloni was so tender and every single plate was well-balanced. I guess those Top Cheffers really do know how to cook!

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I have been told by many a blog reader that I use the term “The best _____ I ever ate” quite often. I think what made me actually realize it was when friends of mine said they specifically made the trip to Brooklyn to have “the best sandwich I ever ate.” The fact that I thought of three places before arriving at the correct location made me realize, maybe I do use that term a bit too loosely. Maybe it’s because I was obsessed with trying everything featured on the show of that same name, or maybe I get overwhelmed by some delicious food item it’s so hard for my brain to process. But from here on out, I pledge to you to only use that phrase for the appropriate and worthy food items.

Enjoying a "Best Thing I Ever Ate" sandwich

So friends, before you all roll your eyes in a “here we go again” fashion, I do need to tell you about the actual best sandwich I’ve ever eaten. I take back any other “best sandwiches” in my past. There may have been good sandwiches, very tasty sandwiches, and possibly even excellent and delicious sandwiches. But for “the best” sandwich you MUST go to Saltie in Williamsburg. This tiny shops serves sandwiches with very interesting names that do not tell you in the slightest what may be hiding in between the two delicious slices of homemade bread: The captain’s daughter, the clean slate, the ship’s biscuit, and the balmy are just a few of the offerings. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is made in house…from the huge slices of foccacia bread, to the fluffy naan, and all the pastries, doughnuts, and cookies. But I was here for the scuttlebutt sandwich.

When you hear the combination of ingredients you might think…”how on earth did they think of this combination and will this actually taste good all together?” The answer: they are geniuses and yes, it does taste very good together. Sitting in between the chewy foccacia bread with a crusty salty top and chewy center are boiled eggs, feta, arugula, olives, capers, pickled vegetables, tangy pickles, and a homemade garlic aoili. All the “saltie” flavors work so well together and that bread….oh that bread is something special. So you see..this really is the best sandwich I’ve ever had!

Now, I wasn’t the only one to experience the “best thing eaten” experience that day. Adam was craving a bagel …no saltie sandwich for him. Walking around Williamsburg we came across The Bagel Store. Having never heard of it, he took a look inside and the bagels seemed up to par…little did we know he was in for a treat.

French toast bagel with maple-walnut cream cheese

A sweet treat! This bagel was soft, dense, and light all at the same time and we both kept wondering how they made an ordinary bagel taste exactly like French toast. The maple walnut cream cheese in the middle was like icing…the bagel was gobbled down in literally 5 seconds flat. And the whole day, and I mean the WHOLE day, Adam could not stop talking about this bagel. He’s not one to usually get that excited about food (unless of course it’s shapes macaroni and cheese) but I have never seen him so excited about a meal before. What we thought was just going to be a regular old bagel turned into the best bagel he’s ever had. This was a sandwich day that will go down in history!

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